DD 2016 / Picnic in the Garden

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It’s been ever so long, but another Design Diversion is on the horizon. For those who aren’t at the beach or the lake, here’s a chance to get out of the city nonetheless. Untermyer Gardens is an undiscovered gem in NYC, the wild ruins of Samuel Untermyer’s ambitious Greystone estate and Beaux-Arts gardens, originally 150 acres on the Hudson. Now a Yonkers public park, the eclectic mix of garden designs and pavilions is slowly undergoing restoration. Unlike previous diversions, this is unscripted and ideal for kids of all ages. No tours, just time to explore and be social. Please bring a blanket and picnic if you’re so inclined. We’ll meet around 1p; exact location TBD. There is public transit, but we’ll try to organise a few carpools as well. 

Date: Saturday, July 16, 1p
Address: 945 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY (Metro-North to Greystone or Yonkers)

Untermeyer Park, Yonkers NY

credit: Jonathan Wallen

DD 2015 / Bronx Manufacturing

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Our next diversion is up in the Bronx. Once a thriving industrial hub (and the center of piano manufacturing in the late 19th century), Port Morris went into decline in the mid-20th century. A 2006 designation as an IBZ (Industrial Business Zone) brought businesses back to the area, among them, Globus Cork. Located off of Willow Avenue, home to a number of historic factory buildings, Globus is the only cork tile manufacturer in the U.S. We will see firsthand the process of taking the wonderful sustainable material that is raw cork bark and turning it into tile or any number of the custom products they make. Afterwards, we’ll walk less than a block east to the Bronx Brewery, which just completed a new brewhouse and tasting room.

Date: Friday, February 27, 3-5.00p
Address: 741 E 136th Street, Bronx (6 to Cypress Ave)

Globus cork









credit: Globus Cork      

DD 2014 / Sims Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility

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Our next diversion is to Sims Sunset Park MRF. After learning more about the Selldorf Architects-designed project from partner Lisa Green, I had to set up a visit. The Sunset Park Facility was chosen by New York City to process the majority of its recyclables and was completed less than a year ago. The 11-acre Brooklyn waterfront site is unique for its design, sustainable features and educational component. Come see it firsthand! 

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 5.30-6.45p
Address: 472 Second Avenue, Brooklyn (D/N/R to 36th St) 

Sims Sunset Park MRFcredit: Selldorf Architects

DD 2014 / Mana Contemporary + Richard Meier Model Museum

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Our next diversion is to Mana Contemporary, an art center for the 21st century. We will visit the Richard Meier Model Museum and also see the Mana space itself, which includes studios, galleries (Picasso and Judy Chicago currently on view), foundry, etc. We’ll meet at bookdummypress, a bookshop specializing in artists’ books, from 2.30p.

Date: Friday, May 16, 2.30-5p
Address: 888 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ (PATH train to Journal Square)

Credit: Steven Sze

 credit: Fred Conrad, The New York Times         

design of note: SuralArk

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This year’s Folly, designed by Austin + Mergold and sponsored by the Architecture League with Socrates Sculpture Park, opens to the public on May 11 from 2-6p. It will be installed at Socrates through August.

credit: Austin + Mergold

credit: Austin + Mergold

2013 recap

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Here’s a recap of our great diversions in 2013, which ventured a little further afield! Hope to see you in 2014.

Brooklyn Navy Yard / Brooklyn, NY / April
Green Manhattan / Manhattan, NY / May
101 Spring Street / Manhattan, NY / August
Maison de Verre / Paris, France / November & December

2012 recap

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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a year ahead full of joy and, of course, many diversions. Thanks to all who joined us this past year; there’s much more in store for 2013 (if you have yet to make a DD, this makes an ideal New Year’s resolution). As always, suggestions welcome. And one of my own: if you haven’t yet been to Ann Hamilton’s the event of a thread at the Armory, go before it closes January 6. It’s an absolute gift.

In the meantime, here’s a look back at 2012 Design Diversions!

Hats at BGC / New York, NY / March
Via Verde / Bronx, NY / April
New York Times Printing Plant / Queens, NY / May
TWA Flight Center / Queens, NY / November
Long Island Art / Long Island, NY / December

2011 recap

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Thanks to everyone for a great year! If you missed them (or you want to relive them), here’s a recap of 2011′s Design Diversions (click on links for full write-up and photos). There are exciting plans in the works for 2012–and we’re looking forward to seeing you! In the meantime, wishing you a year ahead full of delight and more than a few diversions…

Austrian Cultural Forum / New York, NY / January
Mast Brothers Chocolate / Brooklyn, NY / February
Open House Sunday / Brooklyn, NY / May
New York by Gehry / New York, NY / June
Bannerman Castle / Hudson Valley, NY / October
Jane’s Carousel / Brooklyn, NY / December

2010 recap

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So Design Diversions has a blog!

Lots of plans in the works for 2011, which will be posted here; in the meantime, here’s a quick recap of 2010’s diversions (click to read about them and see photos), so you can keep up with our escapades:

Brant Foundation Art Study Center / Greenwich, CT / December 2009
Modulightor Building / New York, NY / February
Fisher-Landau Center for Art / Queens, NY / April
Freshkills Park / Staten Island, NY / May
Sixpoint Craft Ales / Brooklyn, NY / July
Marcel Breuer Guest House / Pocantico, NY / October
Kings County Distillery / Brooklyn, NY / December

Food and drink

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You may be asking how food & drink is related to design. I’m pretty interested in the burgeoning artisanal and local food movement that’s happening throughout the country, but especially in Brooklyn. In most cases we’re talking hand-crafted products in which every aspect of sourcing, fabrication and distribution is carefully considered and, often, well-designed. Systems thinking at work. As someone who teaches Design Management, I also admire the entrepreneurial spirit of these producers, their tenacity and, in many cases, their community-mindedness.